Living Room Yoga Podcast

Here you will find mini yoga lessons that you can download onto your iPod, listen to on your computer, or channel in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Most will be less than 20 minutes in length, and focus on specific areas of your body and mind. Meditation, Pranayama (breathing practices), and Asana (yoga poses) will all be covered (at some point!).

Feel free to practice more than one lesson at a sitting; mix and match, anything goes in your living room!

And let me know if you have podcasting requests.

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A Class for Elaine

Hip stretching, arm strengthening, not too long, not too short yoga class for Elaine or anyone else with tighter hips and graceful but un-muscled arms.
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Sivananda-Style Sun Salutations

All you need is a sticky mat, or nice floor, or mountain top(!) to do these sun salutes. I go through 5 of them, on each side. They will warm your spine, strengthen your body, and remind you that your movement and breath can move like the waves in the ocean. Enjoy!
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Women's Class

This class will help you tone and position your uterus, and soften your belly. (Hard bellies are no fun, not healthy!) Men, you can do this too; you won't get pregnant, I promise.
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Sitting meditation with five minutes of silence

Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and let me take you to where it is possible to be really, really quiet. This meditation includes five minutes of silence.
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