Yoga in Your Living Room

Livingroom Yoga classes are based on Iyengar's principles of alignment. The classes include movement (vinyasa), breathing excercises (pranayama), yoga calesthenics to help protect and strengthen the body (& mind!), and interesting use of living room furniture as yoga props!

The classes are energetic, friendly, welcoming, and focus on what is simple: the beauty of an expanded ribcage, or the feeling of standing tall.

The living room environment is non intimidating and freeing. The poses are challenging. No dogma or overt spirituality, just students and a teacher working hard, sweating, breathing, and sometimes giggling!

Private yoga classes come to you.

This is an opportunity to work on your unique alignment, energy, and health. All you need is space for a yoga mat, and a desire to feel divine. Classes will relax the tense, energize the weary, and brighten your living room for days to come!

For all levels ... Only you, or you and everyone you know and want in your livingroom, same price.

Eva BarashEva Barash

"I teach Yoga as a way to untangle and strengthen bodies and minds. My classes are vigorous to warm my students and move them to their core. And focused so they stay in that spot and breathe and concentrate."

Eva Barash is the director of Living Room Yoga. She has been practicing since 1995, and teaching since 2000. Through her teaching experience, Eva has learned to respect each and every student as a complex web of energy and life. Her teaching takes this person, this bundle of energy and mass, and looks to calm, untangle, release and energize them through to the very core of their being. Her style is tailored to the student that she is teaching, and blends Iyengar, Vinyasa, and traditional Hatha Yoga.